I live in a madhouse

Following on from yesterday.


This is officially our one-week blogiversary and it’s high-time I introduced the furbabies! Bios of the cats are in the works, so follow (right-hand side) for updates. ❤

I’ll discuss the cats in each of their bios (coming soon!), but for now, here’s a little factoid about Nova.

Nova factoid

Nova is a Gumtree cat who I adopted when he was 6 months old. One of his owners had a very bad cat allergy/asthma and nearly died. The difficulties in that home meant that Nova was not treated terribly well. He has/had a fear of men and is a very very reserved boy. He’s also part Scottish Wildcat. A skittish wildcat is an oddball combination!

Stay tuned for lots more information about Nova and the wildcats.

If you’re a fan of our tiny army, follow us here or on social media (both on the right-hand side). See you tomorrow!

Response to the WordPress Daily Post one-word prompt: Reservation
It’s only linked to the Nova part, but it was high time to get a post up about all of the furbabies! Shall perform better next time.

I'm part of Post A Day 2016
Still not updated for 2018 🙂


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