Treat chaos with four cats

Anyone with multiple cats will know of the challenge of giving treats. With four cats, it’s normally a two-person job. Or you can go for a clandestine operation and give treats on the sly. I much prefer the latter.

Nevertheless, in the spirit of responding to the daily prompts, I made an attempt to give the four of them treats on my own. Whilst trying to take photographs.

Here are my two attempts.

ATTEMPT 1 Lidl Coshida cat stick

Cat sticks are the favourite treat of Nova. He goes crazy. Whilst money is tight we haven’t given them many. Somewhat inevitably, Nova went extra crazy and was far too swift for me to take any pictures.

I did catch him on the Instagram Boomerang app though!



Whiskas Crunch. (I assume this is similar to Temptations?) We buy a lot of our cat essentials from Zooplus, so we got these with our points from the reward store.

Jazz thinks treats are yummy.

Star, treats, now!

Cat blog @

Jazz hasn’t had many cat treats as we didn’t buy kitten treats (normal cat treats shouldn’t be given to cats < 1 year old). This is only the second type he’s had. He was super keen, licking his lips and trying to hit them out of my hands. Given their enthusiasm, I’m surprised I didn’t drop my phone!

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Much love,
Annie, Will and the kitties x


Response to the WordPress Daily Post one-word prompt: Treat

This post is in not affiliated with or sponsored by Coshida, Whiskas Crunch or Zooplus.


4 thoughts on “Treat chaos with four cats

    • HumansForCats says:

      Thanks! It’s the first time I’ve ever been able to catch him in action. He steals his sticks from the packet with his paws or teeth everytime.

      Two of ours used to get treats everyday when they were outdoor cats. Impossible when there’s four and they’re inside. Someone always ends up eating more and turns into a baby whale. I am hoping your cat is named after Dumbledore? (fingers crossed)

      Liked by 1 person

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