DAY 3: 6 six-word cat tails

if a tame cat has nine lives, a wildcat must have a dozen.

This is a dedication to one of my favourite animals, the Scottish wildcat. The tartan tabby. She’s an icon of Scottish wilderness and features heavily in our myths and legends.

Without a doubt, I will talk more about these cats, especially since Nova is a hybrid. But for now, enjoy these next 6 six-word short stories. It should give you some insight into how truly amazing these beasts are.

If you haven’t already, check out the stories from Day 1 and Day 2!

And keep sharing your own six-word cat tails in the comments to be featured on day 7. ❤

Felis silvestris grampia. She is unique to Britain, an isolated island cat, sub-species of the European wildcat.

Cat Sìth. According to Celtic mythology, she is a fairy creature who haunts the Scottish Highlands. She’s mildly terrifying!

Caitaibh. Very north of Scotland (see map). Many places here are named after these cats: Allt a’ Chait, the burn* of the wildcat. (*A burn is a small stream.)

Cat-fiadhaich na h-Alba. Gu Nàdarrach Albannach. Scottish wildcats. Naturally Scottish.

One final thing. If you are Scottish, or know someone in Scotland, then please encourage them to help raise awareness with Scottish Wildcat Action. Check out Nova’s mugshot…



Much love,
Annie, Will & kitties 

Response to the WordPress Daily Post one-word prompt: Undulate

All stories are written by HumansForCats. Cat photographs, pictures and the map of Scotland are courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.

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