DAY 6: 6 six-word cat tails

Here are my final six tails (did you miss any of the days? Find them here!). Tomorrow I’ll feature your contributions. Thank you for all the love and support. ❤ 

If you Pinterest, please pin some of the stories! ❤ 

Does the last one not make sense to you? What are ‘Dreamies’?

They’re only the most addictive cat treat EVER!

Soon as I wrote that one I was like… I’m going to stockpile me some Dreamies. Checked out Amazon, I can get 22 packets for £27.93!! Awesome!! Link below if you want to get stockpiling too ❤ Oh, and they can be bought in the United States now too! 8 for $19.99! Dreamies Flavours and Dreamies Mix Flavours Dreamies Bulk Buy 8 Packs Of Mixed (2 Of Each Flavour) 8 X 60G

six-wordcat stories-dayfive

Much love,
Annie, Will & kitties 

six-wordcat stories-daysix

Response to the WordPress Daily Post one-word prompt: Static

All stories are written by HumansForCats. Cat photographs are courtesy of Pexels.

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