Cat haiku #9 Cat years

Nova, Mr Mouseface, turned the big 5 yesterday. In his honour, Will has written a series of haikus for him. How adorable is that?! ❤

In cat years that means Nova is now 36, almost as old as Daddy… Cat years is the subject of this haiku, which should suitably confuse you as it did me. Decrypted it’s referring to the fact that the first two years of a cats life make them 25, but after that, they only age by four ‘years’ ever actual year… weird huh?

Our source? the Purina website.

You can find all of the cat haikus here.

CatHaiku_WJQuinn (9)

Like his style? Check out his blog for his stories and other award-winning pieces.

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You can find all of the cat haikus here.

Much love,
Annie, Will & kitties 


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