Cats treat their humans like pets. Or staff. Their love is completely conditional. They are independent, aloof, sneaky, selfish and sanctimonious. Cats are awesome. I love cats.

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About the blog

We are a crazy cat loving couple. This is our blog about cats, cats, cats. With a twist.

Obsessive cat disorder affects 99% of the internet. This is scientific fact. Kind of.
We started this blog because, like every cat owner, we have too many pictures of our cats. We have all the usual awesome things, cat pictures, funny cat pictures, memes, cat advice… All that good stuff. And then there are our feature posts:

Cat haikus

My other half, the cat dad, is an aspiring writer. Our first big feature of the blog are his awesome cat-themed haikus, posted on Wednesdays and Sundays. Check them out here.

Cats and literature

The world of literature is full of cats, so perhaps it is only fitting that this cat blog is full of literature. Aside from the awesome cat haikus, expect lots of quotes, poems and short stories.

Cats and science New

There’s loads of awesome research about cats that people very rarely get to hear about. I wrote about this in the Scientific (Cat) Revolution. It’s time to change that. I’m going to unscramble the really interesting cat-related science that I have access to and share it here.


I’m Annie and I’m the main driving force behind this blog. My fiance Will does some stuff in the background, like write haikus. We both got our first cats back in 2009. Fast forwards eight and a half years, we have four cats. It’s a total madhouse and the cats are 100% in charge.

Meet the cats

In progress! Expect the cats to have their own dedicated page soon. Until then, check out this post

Meet the parents

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Much love,
Annie, Will & kitties