Cat haiku #8 A smart working strategy

Today’s cat haiku is not written by the cat dad. Why I hear you ask? Will has to work today because we’ve been looking at flats this week.

This haiku is by Rohini Gupta from her eBook whiskers and purrs: A book of cat haiku
If you like it, share the love. Her book is available on Kindle on and for about $2/£2, just follow the links.

The title is the response to the Daily Post daily prompt: Strategy

You can find all of the cat haikus here.

CatHaiku_WJQuinn (8)


You can find all of the cat haikus here.

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A scientific (cat) revolution

Inspired by my own work, one of my big ideas for the blog involves scientific research. How exactly?

There are loads of overly-complicated, dry, boring research articles and books about cats. But barely anyone reads it. Why? The overly-complicated, dry and boring thing is one part of the problem. The other is that you can’t. You have to pay to read most scientific journals/articles online, and the books are often prohibitively expensive.

Here’s an example from Snowdon, Teie and Savage (2015), “Cats prefer species-appropriate music”.

It is an intriguing topic for sure. But if you want to read about it, it will set you back $39.95 for 24 hours of access to this article here. Err, no thanks?

For fun, let’s imagine that you did pay for it. Here’s a brief quote from the paper:

“There was an overall inter-observer concordance of 94.8%. The data were 168 not normally distributed and non-parametric tests were used. We used Wilcoxon Matched Pairs 169 Signed Rank Tests to evaluate difference between human versus cat music stimuli in both 170 frequency and latency of interest behaviours. We used a binomial test to see if cats reduced or 171 increased activity with any type of musical stimulus. We also calculated several regressions 172 models to find the model with the best fit to the age of the cat and approach/appetitive behaviour 173 as well as age and latency to respond. Analyses were performed using SPSS17.0 and all 174 probabilities are two-tailed.”

Really interesting and engaging language, right…? I think you’d be pissed you just spent $39.95.

It gets worse. The vast majority of scientific literature barely gets read by anyone. Even in the scientific community people don’t tend to read papers. Apparently, it’s not unusual for just 10 people to read a given paper. A paper that may have 3 years or more of research behind it. Isn’t that shocking?

That’s how I got my idea. I’ll (try) to disseminate all the really interesting cat-related science that I have access to. Today was the first foray into this minefield, and I came across a book by John A. Shivik:

Mousy Cats and Sheepish Coyotes: The Science of Animal Personalities*

This was clearly not going to be like any normal scientific book. Rather than me explaining what this book is about (poorly), here are two of its reviews:

*If you like the sound of it, get it here or here.

“Dr. John Shivik relates his personal conversion to the viewpoint that each animal has his or her own personality, an idea that scientists have resisted until recently. This enjoyable book is loaded with fun personal anecdotes, as well as solid scientific information. I highly recommend it.” –Con Slobodchikoff, author of Chasing Doctor Dolittle: Learning the Language of Animals 

“I’ll tell you what’s rarer than a mousy cat or a sheepish coyote: a behavioral scientist who’s gutsy enough to admit he had animals pegged all wrong! Brave, funny, honest, and insightful, John Shivik’s new book chronicles his transformation and the revelations that come with understanding that, like people, all animals are individuals. From cats to coyotes to guppies to bees, the individual animals you’ll meet in these pages will blow your mind, warm your heart, and make your hair stand on end. This important book heralds a scientific revolution. Don’t miss it.” –Sy Montgomery, author of The Soul of an Octopus

Intriguing no? I certainly thought so. This is one piece of work that needs absolutely no additional work from me. So, what’s the point of this blog post then?!?! John provides some absolutely wonderful cat truisms and anecdotes in this book that I just had to share. They’re hilarious, yes, but some of them also offer advice for us humans.

The following quotes are paraphrased where necessary because they make absolutely zero sense out of context. Enjoy!

General funnies

  • The one annoying companion that has been with me through it all.
  • A needy meow tuned to the tone and key of fingernails on a chalkboard.
  • There was no denying it anymore. The cat and I were a team.
  • I point out to him that it was his house. I do the human side and keep out the human robbers; he’s responsible for the feline interlopers.
  • Shaped like a bowling pin, he lands like a bowling ball.
  • It sounds and feels as if I am being cuddled by a cement mixer.

Cat truisms

  • My cat, for all practical purposes, is an asshole.
  • At an intellectual level, it doesn’t make sense to bond with a cat.
  • They’re little bastards that don’t care about you or anyone else, or if they do, they want it only on their own terms.
  • I like him because of his difficulty-because of his personality. (May also apply to humans come to think of it?)

Cat lessons

  • He’s fat, loud, and lopsided. But he doesn’t give a damn. Worse, he stares at me, judging, as if I look funny.
  • He is confident in knowing what he wants, isn’t afraid to communicate it, and isn’t overly self-conscious about striving forward, even if he looks silly or fails in his attempt.


Let me know in the comments which you like best! Or better yet, share your own funny cat story, truism or lesson. And if you like the sound of the book, it’s actually reasonably priced on Amazon, get it here or here. ❤

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Poem: Killing three birds with one cat

Here is a short ‘poem’ about Jazz-pants that I have called “Killing three birds with one cat”. This is my attempt to ‘respond’ to the last three days of daily prompts which I’ve missed.

Crazy Maine, you entertain,

My study buddy,

My loophole to work and achieving my end goal.

Today is also a bonus day! The 7th day of the 6 days of 6-word cat tails. Check them out and show some love to my awesome contributors. ❤ 

The normal posting schedule will resume tomorrow with double the haikus!


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DAY 6: 6 six-word cat tails

Here are my final six tails (did you miss any of the days? Find them here!). Tomorrow I’ll feature your contributions. Thank you for all the love and support. ❤ 

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Does the last one not make sense to you? What are ‘Dreamies’?

They’re only the most addictive cat treat EVER!

Soon as I wrote that one I was like… I’m going to stockpile me some Dreamies. Checked out Amazon, I can get 22 packets for £27.93!! Awesome!! Link below if you want to get stockpiling too ❤ Oh, and they can be bought in the United States now too! 8 for $19.99! Dreamies Flavours and Dreamies Mix Flavours Dreamies Bulk Buy 8 Packs Of Mixed (2 Of Each Flavour) 8 X 60G

six-wordcat stories-dayfive

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DAY 5: 6 six-word cat tails

It’s day 5 of 6 and here are 6 more six-word cat tails. If you’ve missed any of the rest, I’ve grouped them all together here. We’re also now on Pinterest! Each post will now have a hidden pin for sharing, check it out!

And as always, leave your six-word cat tails (or pictures) in the comments to be featured on day 7. ❤ I love the engagement!

Leave your six-word cat tails (or pictures) in the comments to be featured on day 7. ❤

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DAY 4: 6 six-word cat tails


Leave your six-word cat tails (or pictures) in the comments to be featured on day 7. ❤


The Wednesday cat haiku is late because Will has been sick. I will get one up for tomorrow.

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  • Credit goes to Dan Marshall for “So trippy. I love the catnippy.”
  • Credit goes to Arachnic for “Cat swallows mouse. Double click feline.”.

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DAY 3: 6 six-word cat tails

if a tame cat has nine lives, a wildcat must have a dozen.

This is a dedication to one of my favourite animals, the Scottish wildcat. The tartan tabby. She’s an icon of Scottish wilderness and features heavily in our myths and legends.

Without a doubt, I will talk more about these cats, especially since Nova is a hybrid. But for now, enjoy these next 6 six-word short stories. It should give you some insight into how truly amazing these beasts are.

If you haven’t already, check out the stories from Day 1 and Day 2!

And keep sharing your own six-word cat tails in the comments to be featured on day 7. ❤

Felis silvestris grampia. She is unique to Britain, an isolated island cat, sub-species of the European wildcat.

Cat Sìth. According to Celtic mythology, she is a fairy creature who haunts the Scottish Highlands. She’s mildly terrifying!

Caitaibh. Very north of Scotland (see map). Many places here are named after these cats: Allt a’ Chait, the burn* of the wildcat. (*A burn is a small stream.)

Cat-fiadhaich na h-Alba. Gu Nàdarrach Albannach. Scottish wildcats. Naturally Scottish.

One final thing. If you are Scottish, or know someone in Scotland, then please encourage them to help raise awareness with Scottish Wildcat Action. Check out Nova’s mugshot…



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