The tail of happiness

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Cats are wise beings, it has to be said. Or at least that is the image they choose to portray.

Here’s a short story with a purrfect life lesson from cats.

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The tail of happiness

This story begins in an alleyway, where a little kitten can be seen vigorously chasing its tail. The kitten is using all of its efforts to catch its tail with its mouth, again and again, running in circles, believing it is getting closer to snatching up its tail.

Watching from a distance is an older, rough looking, alley cat, who is wondering what the little kitten is doing. The older alley cat approaches the little kitten and asks,

“What are you up to little kitten?”

The kitten then replies,

“I am chasing my tail!”

“Why is it that you are chasing your tail and why are you so determined to get a hold of it?”

The little kitten replied to the alley cat with a very simple answer and good reason.

“I just came back from cat philosophy school and I was taught that the most important thing for us cats is happiness. I have learnt that the source of this happiness is in our tails, so once I get a firm grasp on it, I can always have the thing that is most important to me, happiness!”

The old alley cat was taken back by the kitten’s answer and simply smiled. The old alley cat added to the little kitten’s insight by saying,

“well little kitten, I am much older than you and I have not had the same opportunity as you to attend cat philosophy school. I have been living in these alleys and streets for many years, it has been rough. I have to constantly search for food and shelter while facing tough competition. My time in these alleys has taught me much though. I have also learnt that the most important thing to us cats is happiness and the source of this happiness is indeed in our tails, but there is something I have learnt that you, little kitten, have not yet witnessed.”

“What is that?”

the little kitten replied.

“I have learnt that if I live my life the way I want to live it each day and go on about my business, happiness follows me wherever I go…”

I have to admit, it did require a second for me to understand how the last line had anything to do with cat tails…

I happened to stumble across this story by accident whilst researching a different post.  The original creator is elusive, but this version is adapted from 1cent1life. If you like it, do check out the page (it comes with bonus wisdom that I am simply incapable of).

To finish, here are some pictures of some excellent tails. I would say that, they are our baby cats… ❤


Much love,
Annie, Will & kitties 


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