Top 20 Cat Memes of the Month, January edition

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New monthly feature: Top Cat Memes of the Month

This first blogging month has been totally Pinterest crazy. Rather unexpectedly, the HumansForCats cat memes board has been hugely popular. There have literally been hundreds of repins and it’s driven loads of traffic to the blog.

Based on this awesome love for memes of the cat variety, here is the Top 20 Cat Memes of the Month (January Edition) as chosen by you (well, those on Pinterest!). What’s your favourite? Mines is (probably) number 10, the lil dude just looks so cute!

# 20

You wanted a jig saw need to thank me!

# 19

And dis here is mah butt

# 18

Go ahead. Try to lift me higher. I am infinite. I am eternal.

# 17

No fraid... Lil' soft soft

# 16

ur doin it rong! i halp u, k?

# 15

I asked if he had kicked his catnip addiction. He smacked me in the face and stole my box.

# 14

Dear diary. Thumb tack.

# 13

My face when waiting for my human to give me turkey leftovers

# 12

Shelf defense!

# 11

I have seen things. Like people using the toilet an hour after Taco Bell, kinda things.

# 10

If you look into my resume, you'll notice I have caught the red dot.

# 9

I got the moves like Jaguar

# 8

Haha, it's Monday, sucks for you human!!!!

# 7

It's time for your purrformance review

# 6

A group of cats is called a glaring. I find that entirely accurate.

# 5

Dear New Year's Resolution, Well, it was fun while it lasted. Sincerely, January 2nd

# 4

Don't mind me. I r a pretty cloud.

# 3

When petting cats... be sure not to active their murder button.

# 2

I killed a mouse for you... I'll do anything for you... anything.

# 1

Oh Christmas tree, oh Christmas tree, your ornaments are history.

That last one does not seem very seasonally appropriate! Perhaps Pinners live in an alternative universe?

Hope you enjoyed! If you still haven’t had your cat fix, or can’t wait until the February roundup, follow our cat meme board on Pinterest. We have hundreds of cat memes to make you smile, laugh and maybe even cry (from laughing).

Much love,
Annie, Will & kittiesĀ 


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